Friday, May 22, 2015


Vintage shirt: thrift
Flare PU skirt:
Tights: stall, €3
Boots: local store

No time to take/edit pictures just as usual. I've got my first Chinese exam on May the 27th, then another one on May the 30th, then three more left...
It will be a looong long summer.

About my outfit, I never felt much comfortable wearing a lipstick that red, that was quite brave from me! \(//∇//)\ But I really just had this idea in my mind and I thought the colours would have looked good together. I even went looking for a pair of tights like those, I bought them on purpose.
That shirt THOUGH: it's one of my favourite. It's like 100% silk and I didn't have to pay it, because it belonged to my friend's grandma and she was giving all her stuff away. I'm in love with it!

Over and out, people. See you next post, and thanks for reading! ★


  1. Love your shirt and this whole outfit is so cool!♥

  2. Love this outfit, the shirt's fabric looks really smooth ^_^

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