Monday, January 23, 2017


Jacket: VIPme
Shoes: Buffalo, thrift

I've received this wonderful jacket by the company VIPme.
As you will notice while visiting the site, all of their clothes are delightfully elegant and sober, that's the main reason why I've agreed to collaborate with them, apart from finding a lot of items that matched my personal style I gotta say.
You can find special occasions dresses, everyday casual outfits, more kawaii/preppy things and even grungy clothes like the jacket I wore for this photoshoot.
Also I came to know that, as a female fashion platform, the site's general policy aims to empower women and value individual perspective, highlighting self-awareness and cherishing the inner "me" (maybe that's the reason of the name VIPme?), something very good to know since I share the same point of view by doing what I do everyday and with my blogger work.
About the quality, this is definitely a quality item. Which means, no crooked or ill made seams, the jacket didn't smell funny when I opened the parcel, it came in a lovely zip plastic bag and arrived super fast thanks to the shipping method used. Plus, as you can see, it doesn't fit funny when you put it on as sometimes sadly happen when you buy clothes online :(
So, overall, I can't really say I will wear this every day to uni... but perhaphs I'll do every night when I go out!!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

★ Preppy dresses selection from STYLEWE! ★

Let's talk about some lovely site today: is a UK-based site I've already mentioned sometimes, I particularly like it for its sober and elegant style.
I've chosen 5 of their dresses I would love to wear - all preppy of course, it's my blog after all! - so you can see what I'm talking about ;)

Which one did you like best? I like them all! (Of course I do, or else I wouldn't have chosen these... LOL)

Thanks for reading and see you next post ! !

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

KHAKI EVENING DRESS + CHOIES Thanksgiving promotion!

Khaki maxi evening dress: Choies

✿ Hello! ✿
I'm always glad to collaborate with the site Choies. This dress they sent me is gorgeous - I've already used it for a ceremony, everybody fell in love with it!

You know how much I love this company, many of the things in own in my closet come from this site (and they're not only collaboration things I got for free, I also made my own orders after that!)
Now that Choies is having a big Thanksgiving promotion , I've selected a couple outfits you could shop while they are on sale ;) Watchu tink?

Hurry up tho, the sale will end on the 23rd of November ! ! ! ★

- Yours, Illy