Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Vintage sunglasses: were my grandma's
Top: Tezenis, €12
Pants: department stores, €3
Sandals: local store, €40
Leather backpack: was my mom's, vintage

It finally happened:
Now well, it's too hot to decide on a cool title, you must content yourselves, being creative is extra luxury
(ノ ̄ヮ ̄)ノ
About this look, I've got nothing that interesting to say, maybe except for the fact that I'm wearing little-to-no makeup - only some coral-red lipstick actually.

I hope you will like this and see you next post, thanks for reading! ☆

Friday, July 24, 2015

❄️ BREEZE ❄️

T-shirt: my dad's wardrobe
Elastic belt: DIY
Purse: my grandparents made a giveaway...
Shoes: local store, €40

Hello my friends and welcome to a new post ✿
I don't know how to comment on my expressions in these photos... I can say that these days in my city it's deadly hot (like 35 C°) and doing the photoshoots indoor is never a good idea, because I only have an old fan instead of any air conditioner... (x_x;)

I love that t-shirt, I treat it like a very precious item (even if I don't think it's from a big brand) because its material is special: 100% pure cotton. It keeps me fresh and it never irritates my skin.
Surprise combo with that purse from the Seventies: it's not properly an elegant item, in fact my grandfather used it everyday when he went to work, he kept some of his tools there - he was a smith. I saw it in my grandparents' kitchen and my grandma said that I could take it away, they want to get rid of some stuff they never use, lately...
And about those sandals, I wished them for a life, then I found a pair by chance in a store next to my house and I just had to buy them. Now I'm wearing them everyday, as you could imagine.

Over and out, see you next post and thanks for reading ★

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


T-shirt: thrift, €3
Watch: Casio
Jeans: €1 at the department stores + DIY
Shoes: local store
Vintage leather bag: was my mom's

I'm back!
I just quitted my exams session and now I'm slowly beginning again all the activities I had left incomplete. I went to the countryside for three days and I asked my cousin to shoot some pictures for the blog.
Hopingly, I will post a bit more now that the lessons are over!

See you soon and thanks for reading!