Monday, August 29, 2016


Hello ! ! ✿
Today I'm writing something about Sherry London, an online retailer of evening dresses, wedding dresses, prom dresses, and dresses for special occasions.
I especially focused on their evening dresses for this post and I have selected some of them I would personally love to wear!
Let's check them out:

Evening Dresses

Long Evening Dresses

Maxi Evening Dresses

Red Carpet Dresses

Plus Size Evening Dresses

What do you think? What is your favourite?
Comment below ! !

- Illy

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Dress: Dressin
Shoes: Bodyline

As you can see, I'm a huge fan of princess dresses.
I collect them in all colours in every sort of fabric, from every part of the world, winter and summer princess dresses, used and thrift, reworked ones, handmade ones, new ones... I love to wear this kind of things, they're just made for me ! ! !

By the way of princess dresses: I'm not a huge gossip girl, I don't really trust on any of these web-spread rumours about people and their personal life, but this Marina Joyce thing got quite big lately so I came to know her anyway. All of that lead me to her video "DATE OUTFIT IDEAS", which became famous for various reasons on which I don't really want to focus in this article, but rather I have to say that the dresses she was promoting were utterly graceful, and they were from this brand called Stylewe hehe >:)
Useless mentioning the fact that I'm broke, broke, broke, so broke at the moment, I've spent all my savings to see the Chemical Brothers in concert this summer and now I'm crying over my broken piggy bank, but those dresses are DEFINITELY on my wishlist ! ! !
An interesting point is also their maxi-dresses, nothing says 'SUMMER' more than a good floral print or a long and large gown... they're simply a must-have.

So that's all folks, see you next post and thanks for reading ! ! !

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Cardigan: Aran Sweaters
Sandals: thrift

Today I'm very happy to introduce a new retailer company I've had the luck to collaborate with: Aram Sweaters; it is an Irish based company that sells some fine woolen knitwear.
They gave me the chance to chose a product from their store and it's the cardigan I'm wearing in this outfit post, as you can see.
The parcel arrived very soon, the item was neatly packed and didn't smell funny like the other products I usually receive via mail... I found the service pretty satisfying, I have to say.
Plus, when I went to make this photoshoot with my boyfriend (the unmissable assistant to all of my crazy projects) it was a quite chill evening by the countryside, so this cardigan really helped me avoiding a big flu ! ! !
If you want to make a gift to somebody you love (your mom, you granny, your chilly best friend...) or buy yourself a quality treat, this is the right site.
Little footnote about the sizes of this shop: in my experience, they are pretty reliable. I ordered an M size because I like to wear my cardigans and jackets slightly baggy, and it fitted just as expected.

I've been missing for a long while, almost 4 months are no big deal when you're an aspiring blogger and you want to do something proper.
My life got flipped and turned upside down just like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, that's why.
Exams, 2 house movings, more exams to get my professional certificates as a seamstress + model maker (yes, now I could even work in fashion if I want) I had to leave for an entire week and travel to Venice to see my dad, then I got back home and hosted a dear friend of mine I met on Instagram (she's a blogger too, you can check her IG profile at @rottenbambi ! ! !)
They were pretty tiring experiences but now it's over, luckily or unfortunately if you prefer.
Hopefully I will be more active now, I explicitly asked to get my new bedroom's wall painted in pastel colours, so I will finally use my very own set at home whenever I want.

I'm leaving you with this little bonus backstage video the company asked me to record - I definitely gotta buy a better camera but it's ok, I have no money so that's what you get.

XOXO c u next
- Illy