Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Rain jacket: Zara Kids, €25
Dress: H&M Kids, €6
Socks: Local store
Shoes: Demonia 

Hi everyone! ✿
Today I wanted to put together a pair of pieces I'm very proud of: my lemon-coloured rain jacket and a little dress I'm naturally wearing as a sort of long shirt with little shorts under because it was made for... children. Yes.
I already told you before, I love dressing at the kids department, they've got really all I need to create pretty outfits just like I've got them in my mind.
Also, that jacket turned out to be comfortable, as well as cool because these days is raining a lot in my city and I've got lots of occasions to wear it (ゝᴗ ∂)☆ Plus, it makes a wonderful crinkly sound when I touch it... omg... heeeaveeeen ! 。・°\(T∇T)/°・。

Ok, I've got nothing more to say right now. Over and out, see you next ! ~☆


  1. cool - obserwuje i licze na to samo

  2. I just love your raincoat !♥ I always wander in Zara Kids department for they have such lovely and perfect clothes indeed :D

  3. Your look is so cute, I love it! Gonna follow your blog ^_^

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