Monday, November 24, 2014

November 23, 2014

Hellooo ~

Wow, I can't believe it! Finally I'm posting again!
These days have been hella busy. Busy busy busy busy and cold, so I couldn't go out and take pictures. Plus, I still don't know many places here to use as photo sets, so... everything is kinda slowed down.
Anyway, yesterday my bae & me decided to go to the Japanese flea market, but we met too late to get there in time... However, whilst awaiting for the bus to arrive, I told him Why don't we take some pictures for LB? - we had 25 minutes, according to the public transport app.
They came out quite well to me, in fact the first selection would count 147 pictuuuuuresss LOL !
It took me ages to select the right ones, but it seems I did it ヽ(;▽;)ノ

So, this is what I was wearing! 。*☆・゚✧

- H&M fluffy jacket: I wish it since last year's collection came out, then I found it on Depop - this lovely girl was selling it for € 27 PP included (• ω •)♡
- Vintage pink shirt: Etsy (gift from my friend, I can't really say what was its price but she said it was quite XP€N$1V€)
- Pattern skirt: H&M
- Shoes: Demonia Crux 07

Lovely lovely item in this outfit are my star earrings by Tiger:

They're not really uberspecial-uberquirky, I paid them just € 2 and I like the fact that they give a fancy touch to anything I wear ♡

So people, that's all!
Thanks for reading and see you next post ! !

Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 9, 2014

Helloooo ✿ฺ
No people, I'm not dead ! ! ヾ(×_ ×) ツ
These days I'm spending most of my time at uni: my timetable is hell, I've got tons of lessons all scattered along the day, with even 6 hours gaps in between ! ! !
But, since I don't wanna kill myself so soon, I decided to keep on: so, today I finally went out with my love to take some pictures! (• ω •) ♡
This is what I wore:

- Vintage jacket by my dad
- Hand knitted jumper by Grandma
- Bunnies shirt by Pimkie
- Light blue denim shorts by Bershka
- Shoes: Superga

About the shoes, I hate to wear them with white laces, 'cause since I changed them with black ones the whole shoes seem quite cool, but with white laces they're just... no.
Anyhow, I'm too poor to get a suitable pair of sweet lolita shoes, so here I go! (╥_╥)
(Little note: the white shoes you see were paid € 39 because they were on sale... while lolita shoes cost almost twice)

Oki, I think that's all!
See you next post ( ^3^)~☆