Monday, July 28, 2014

Fashion + Me: how it started

I haven't always been interested in fashion. On the contrary! I wouldn't care at all.
It began lately: at my 3rd year of high school I changed class and met a girl, Coconut.
She was very quirky, I'll make a sketch of her one day (now she just looks like Midori, the Camellia Girl).
I wanted to be a hippy at that time: it was all my life's aspiration maybe. But Coconut changed my mind...

She had an illness, always in and out from clinics. When she left school for hospitalization, which lasted one month, she told me she was bringing with her some mascara, lipstick, necklaces and hair clips. That totally made my life: nobody special would see her at the clinic, but she was going to put her makeup and jewels on everyday, and no matter who would see her, she only wanted to be pretty!

In a few months I became addicted to foundation and silk shirts.

Here is a picture of when I started creating my own fashion opinion so far - the one on the right is Coconut:

A rich guy with a big villa invited us to a party and he wanted people to seem 'weird' (apart from finding out that no one was actually dressed up weirdly but us: the oddest one of them was just wearing two different kind of shoes) so we messed up a lot with clothes and makeup.
My friends spent the night telling me how pretty I came out! That was so strange to me \(T∇T)/
I felt like a princess, so I decided I would never go back to my old skivvy clothes again.
I try to be at my best everyday; I'm not very good at it yet, but I'm sure I can do it with a little practice.


July 27, 2014

Photoshoot today!
I went to North with my family and I had a brief trip on the mountains with my cousins.
I was wearing a was-my-nan's lisle t-shirt, vintage jeans, were-my-nan's sunglasses from the 50s and my docs-like mocassins (they're the same quality but I paid them €35 instead of €90 lol!)

My face looks a bit sleepy or maybe just very pothead-ish, but the sun was really blinding! (@_@;)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 8, 2013

Yesterday I went to my friend Angie's house.
She's my bff but we argued very bad last January and we won't talk to each other for SEVEN MONTHS.
Finally we made peace, and after a very long time I managed to get back some pictures we took last summer at her big house.

I am wearing her mother's vest, an it-was-a-dress as a top - cut and then gave away by our friend Coconut - my Pimkie skirt and a pair of double chucks.
(PS: I still had my natural hair there, it was sooo long and difficult to handle!)

This is the only picture we could save, her grandpa deleted all our good shoots from the camera (╥_╥)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Name: Illy
Occupation: Student
Star sign: Aries
Age: You can't ask a lady about her age ~
Height x Weight: not much x not much
Hair: Natural black
Eyes: Dark brown
Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite foods: Veggies & blueberry-flavoured drinks
Music: This list is too long !
Likes: Pets, art, music, beauty & street fashion... and many other things
Dislikes: Especially airy/unpolite people, and trends (¬__¬)"
Skills: Languages, sewing, drawing and napping for hours
Temperament: Fancy, reflexive and stingy

I'm a girly girl, I'm from Europe. I just graduated from an art school, but I am so sick of drawing projects that I'm gonna study Japanese and Mandarin Chinese at uni (unless I won't pass the entrance exams... BUT DON'T LET ME THINK ABOUT THIS PLS >_< )
I always kept a blog (since I was 12 !) but this is the first time I start one about... well, fashion.
To be clear, this is not meant to be a fashion blog, but just a sort of little space where I can write when something cool happens.
Since my head changes a lot everyday, I really hope I won't get bored of this blog as easily as I usually do! (~_~;)

Pls forgive me when my english gets weird... Probably it will improve soon!

Thanks for reading!
chu ~