Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 25, 2015

Hell-o (╥_╥)
University has started again (after a quite long pause, due to exams and all) and my timetable is, possibly, worse than before. So I can already anticipate that maybe I won't be so regular at taking pictures of my outfits...
Anyway, I try to work on my blog, whenever I can.

Enough about me, let's talk about this look:

- Necklace, DIY
- Shirt, H&M
- Cardigan, YesStyle
- Skirt, SheInside
- Shoes, Demonia

I love that cardigan, I don't think I could say anything more! ๑
Even if it has no zip or buttons to close it (so you gotta keep it open, unless you don't want to use a brooch, but I personally wouldn't really like that choice) it keeps me very warm! I wore it the last New Year's Eve and it truly saved me from freezing ❄️
I also love that skirt. Why? It's short, high-waisted, simple yet super pretty and it was very, very, very cheap when I bought it. I feel lucky using e-commerce sites like the ones I linked above: I found almost everything I was looking four and paid it very little, despite the good items quality ! !

So this is all for now, goodbye my friends ~☆

Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 19, 2015


These are my last free days, so I gotta work on my blog before I go back to prison ! ! (LOL)
Shortly, this is the outfit rundown:

- Blouse, Pimkie
- Furry jacket, H&M
- Brooch, I've had it since I was a baby girl lol
- Skirt, H&M
- Sneakers, Nike

Yeeeeeeeeah as you can see, those are the new white shoes I was talking about some posts ago.
They're not my style really, as one might think, but they're so huge and chalk-white! How could I not love them? (´ω`人)♡
They're quite comfy (ubercomfy, if compared to the other ones I've had ! !) and I even managed to save about € 20 when I bought them, because I found a store that was keeping shoes at a lower price. Tehe.
Nothing more to say; maybe at last I'm getting used to this new haircut, I hope.

P.S.: I'm writing this post while Moomin, my kitten, is sitting next to me and tries to catch the cursor on my monitor.

Here's a picture of Mumij. Bye byeeee!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015

New pics today!
Well, really, I only did it because I hung a big tent inside my room TEEHEEHEEEE I couldn't do anything better, but I wanted to post something sooo bad ! !
Outfit rundown:

- Fluffy strawberry jumper, Banggood
- Tartan skirt, local store
- Jelly sandals, eBay

About the sweater, I saw Anzujaamu was wearing it and thought 'Me wants ! ! Me wants ! !'
- I am a huge Anzujaamu fan ( ◡ . ◡ )♡
So I decided to use the last money left on the gift card my bae gave me for our 2nd anniversary (on August the 10th) and bought it for the supergiant total of € 13. I was very happy.
Now I'm wearing it everyday because it's both cute, cozy and keeps me warm. So yeah.
About my jelly shoes, I wanted a pair a lot but they were always so expensive, until I found a pair for € 20 (shipping price included) and immediately bought them.

So, I hope you'll like this photoshoot anyhow!
Thanks for reading and see you next post ~☆