Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 19, 2015


These are my last free days, so I gotta work on my blog before I go back to prison ! ! (LOL)
Shortly, this is the outfit rundown:

- Blouse, Pimkie
- Furry jacket, H&M
- Brooch, I've had it since I was a baby girl lol
- Skirt, H&M
- Sneakers, Nike

Yeeeeeeeeah as you can see, those are the new white shoes I was talking about some posts ago.
They're not my style really, as one might think, but they're so huge and chalk-white! How could I not love them? (´ω`人)♡
They're quite comfy (ubercomfy, if compared to the other ones I've had ! !) and I even managed to save about € 20 when I bought them, because I found a store that was keeping shoes at a lower price. Tehe.
Nothing more to say; maybe at last I'm getting used to this new haircut, I hope.

P.S.: I'm writing this post while Moomin, my kitten, is sitting next to me and tries to catch the cursor on my monitor.

Here's a picture of Mumij. Bye byeeee!

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  1. lovely post, amazing Outfit
    and your cat is so cute <3

    hope you too visit my Blog <3