Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015

New pics today!
Well, really, I only did it because I hung a big tent inside my room TEEHEEHEEEE I couldn't do anything better, but I wanted to post something sooo bad ! !
Outfit rundown:

- Fluffy strawberry jumper, Banggood
- Tartan skirt, local store
- Jelly sandals, eBay

About the sweater, I saw Anzujaamu was wearing it and thought 'Me wants ! ! Me wants ! !'
- I am a huge Anzujaamu fan ( ◡ . ◡ )♡
So I decided to use the last money left on the gift card my bae gave me for our 2nd anniversary (on August the 10th) and bought it for the supergiant total of € 13. I was very happy.
Now I'm wearing it everyday because it's both cute, cozy and keeps me warm. So yeah.
About my jelly shoes, I wanted a pair a lot but they were always so expensive, until I found a pair for € 20 (shipping price included) and immediately bought them.

So, I hope you'll like this photoshoot anyhow!
Thanks for reading and see you next post ~☆

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