Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 25, 2015

Hell-o (╥_╥)
University has started again (after a quite long pause, due to exams and all) and my timetable is, possibly, worse than before. So I can already anticipate that maybe I won't be so regular at taking pictures of my outfits...
Anyway, I try to work on my blog, whenever I can.

Enough about me, let's talk about this look:

- Necklace, DIY
- Shirt, H&M
- Cardigan, YesStyle
- Skirt, SheInside
- Shoes, Demonia

I love that cardigan, I don't think I could say anything more! ๑
Even if it has no zip or buttons to close it (so you gotta keep it open, unless you don't want to use a brooch, but I personally wouldn't really like that choice) it keeps me very warm! I wore it the last New Year's Eve and it truly saved me from freezing ❄️
I also love that skirt. Why? It's short, high-waisted, simple yet super pretty and it was very, very, very cheap when I bought it. I feel lucky using e-commerce sites like the ones I linked above: I found almost everything I was looking four and paid it very little, despite the good items quality ! !

So this is all for now, goodbye my friends ~☆