Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Dress: Dressin
Shoes: Bodyline

As you can see, I'm a huge fan of princess dresses.
I collect them in all colours in every sort of fabric, from every part of the world, winter and summer princess dresses, used and thrift, reworked ones, handmade ones, new ones... I love to wear this kind of things, they're just made for me ! ! !

By the way of princess dresses: I'm not a huge gossip girl, I don't really trust on any of these web-spread rumours about people and their personal life, but this Marina Joyce thing got quite big lately so I came to know her anyway. All of that lead me to her video "DATE OUTFIT IDEAS", which became famous for various reasons on which I don't really want to focus in this article, but rather I have to say that the dresses she was promoting were utterly graceful, and they were from this brand called Stylewe hehe >:)
Useless mentioning the fact that I'm broke, broke, broke, so broke at the moment, I've spent all my savings to see the Chemical Brothers in concert this summer and now I'm crying over my broken piggy bank, but those dresses are DEFINITELY on my wishlist ! ! !
An interesting point is also their maxi-dresses, nothing says 'SUMMER' more than a good floral print or a long and large gown... they're simply a must-have.

So that's all folks, see you next post and thanks for reading ! ! !

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