Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Name: Illy
Occupation: Student
Star sign: Aries
Age: You can't ask a lady about her age ~
Height x Weight: not much x not much
Hair: Natural black
Eyes: Dark brown
Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite foods: Veggies & blueberry-flavoured drinks
Music: This list is too long !
Likes: Pets, art, music, beauty & street fashion... and many other things
Dislikes: Especially airy/unpolite people, and trends (¬__¬)"
Skills: Languages, sewing, drawing and napping for hours
Temperament: Fancy, reflexive and stingy

I'm a girly girl, I'm from Europe. I just graduated from an art school, but I am so sick of drawing projects that I'm gonna study Japanese and Mandarin Chinese at uni (unless I won't pass the entrance exams... BUT DON'T LET ME THINK ABOUT THIS PLS >_< )
I always kept a blog (since I was 12 !) but this is the first time I start one about... well, fashion.
To be clear, this is not meant to be a fashion blog, but just a sort of little space where I can write when something cool happens.
Since my head changes a lot everyday, I really hope I won't get bored of this blog as easily as I usually do! (~_~;)

Pls forgive me when my english gets weird... Probably it will improve soon!

Thanks for reading!
chu ~

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