Tuesday, November 15, 2016

KHAKI EVENING DRESS + CHOIES Thanksgiving promotion!

Khaki maxi evening dress: Choies

✿ Hello! ✿
I'm always glad to collaborate with the site Choies. This dress they sent me is gorgeous - I've already used it for a ceremony, everybody fell in love with it!

You know how much I love this company, many of the things in own in my closet come from this site (and they're not only collaboration things I got for free, I also made my own orders after that!)
Now that Choies is having a big Thanksgiving promotion , I've selected a couple outfits you could shop while they are on sale ;) Watchu tink?

Hurry up tho, the sale will end on the 23rd of November ! ! ! ★

- Yours, Illy

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