Friday, July 24, 2015

❄️ BREEZE ❄️

T-shirt: my dad's wardrobe
Elastic belt: DIY
Purse: my grandparents made a giveaway...
Shoes: local store, €40

Hello my friends and welcome to a new post ✿
I don't know how to comment on my expressions in these photos... I can say that these days in my city it's deadly hot (like 35 C°) and doing the photoshoots indoor is never a good idea, because I only have an old fan instead of any air conditioner... (x_x;)

I love that t-shirt, I treat it like a very precious item (even if I don't think it's from a big brand) because its material is special: 100% pure cotton. It keeps me fresh and it never irritates my skin.
Surprise combo with that purse from the Seventies: it's not properly an elegant item, in fact my grandfather used it everyday when he went to work, he kept some of his tools there - he was a smith. I saw it in my grandparents' kitchen and my grandma said that I could take it away, they want to get rid of some stuff they never use, lately...
And about those sandals, I wished them for a life, then I found a pair by chance in a store next to my house and I just had to buy them. Now I'm wearing them everyday, as you could imagine.

Over and out, see you next post and thanks for reading ★

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