Thursday, March 19, 2015

February 26, 2015

Hello and thanks to anybody who'll be visiting my blog today (︶ ‿ ︶)❁
I feel tired lately and I don't have much time to write or take pictures, sorry for the delay; as you can see this photoshoot was made on February, which means almost one month ago...
Ok, no panic.
Anyway, this is what I chose to wear:

- Knitted jumper, H&M, €20
- Collar, DIY
- Floral skirt, DIY
- Socks, my bf
- Sneakers, Nike

Yeah, you read it well: I paid € 20 for a jumper. I wasn't on a sale, it is not thrift, it was just the new collection but I liked it too much, so I got it and fin.
I also decided to take a picture of the makeup I used - sorry for my face... I always look so sleepy/droopy - which is: gel eyeliner, white pencil on the waterline and a brown one on the lower lashline, mascara, blush just under my eyes and quite nude-ish lipstick.
I'm inspired by Anzujaamu when I do my makeup sometimes, but I just skip on the false eyelashes and circle lens part because I like to keep it a bit more simple.

So, that's all folks! See you next post ~

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