Saturday, December 27, 2014

December 26, 2014 - HAPPY HOLIDAYS ! ☆

Helloooo ~

I'm very happy I can post something again! (‘∀’)♡
Weeks have been very busy, but this time more than ever: you know, making Xmas presents takes a lot of time! Since I was quite out of money just as usual, I had to think up of something cheap but sweet, so... is there something better than homemade cookies for the people you love? (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
Also, I've been working to prepare the things I was going to sell at the flea market (where I earned € 20 yay!) then I went to meet my relatives around the world...
I even had to help a new friend from uni to sew a dress for New Year's Eve! It came out quite well (。・ω・。)

So, since I'm late for any official Xmas post, this is gonna be just a Happy-Holidays-Post!
Of course I chose red, red, red, white and black and some red, too.
Red accents are the Xmas must, you know ~ Tehe!
Outfit rundown:

- Shiny red bow hairclip, Bijou Brigitte
- Red velvet chocker, DIY
- Mondrian jumper, grandma's
- Tartan skirt, local store
- Polkadot tights, ls
- Supercool faux-suede buckled boots, ls

I am not a boots girl, but I really like these shoes: they're loose on the ankles, so they don't hold me tight and I can feel free when I walk!

That's all folks.
Thanks for reading & See you soon!

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