Wednesday, September 17, 2014


GOOONE SHOPPING!!! ✧・゚:*\(*゚▽゚*)/*:・゚✧

Yesterday I went to the shopping center just to take a peep, because I am in the stingy time of the month and I don't wish to spend any money: you know, eating a € 1,50 frozen yogurt cup, getting inside the pet shop to watch the bunnies, smell the new Lush products... just that.
Unfortunately, when returning from the pet shop, you need to pass inside the perfumery, no way out. So I saw an Essence stand displaying little nail polish bottles € 1.19 each! o(★ 。 ★)o
It's been a while since I was thinking about buying fuchsia enamel, so I couldn't resist but... I needed a pale rose one too! And what about a bubblegum-pink one? So girly!... Yeah, in short, I bought them all.
When I went to the cash desk though, the woman said: "It's € 5.17, darling."
WHAT? I was expecting to pay them just € 4!!! (TT △ TT)
Anyway, I am still happy about my purchasing.
Look at them!!! ★

Some post ago I wrote that I would make an entry where I'd talk about my new favourite rings couple.
So here they are.
I bought them at a random stall when I was on vacation at the seaside, together with my friend Angie, so we would be rings-twins (˘ ω ˘)

Another item I bought recently is my robin-egg-blue headbow! Such a kawaii accessory ~♡

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